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SSC Models

SSC Operation

SSC Self Cleaning Gravity Screen Filters

The gravity flow design eliminates the need to pump water into the filter, saving energy and reducing operating costs. 

Flow Rates from 350 to 2000 GPM.
Eliminates backflushing.
Simple, trouble-free design.
Stainless Steel construction is durable and lightweight.

Typical Applications:
Gravity Flow Irrigation Systems:  These filters can operate as the primary filter for most irrigation water sources for low-volume irrigation.
Pre-Filter:  Used in conjunction with media filters. Reduces backwash frequency.
Recycle System: Recycles media filter backwash water. (booster pump required)
Industrial: To filter out large volumes of debris for water recycling or to meet environmental water discharge standards.  Used in packing houses, aquatic farming, cooling towers and processing plants.